I am an American/Austrialian living in Prague working in the finance, enviornment and energy trading markets. Currently I am working on projects for Nanotechnology companies (marketing & sales) and a futures exchange venture (as principal).

My work involves building capacities at institutions for all facets of free market trading operations. I have worked on early markets for semi government organizations, private entities, international banking groups, brokers and a market-oriented NGO.

I author papers to be submitted for financing, grants or seed investing. I have great deal of experience in many financial organizations from the back office to the managing director, with a good feeling for the many roles that exist and the driving forces behind individuals that can be cultivated and mentored.

I have worked on Wall Street, in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, later in Prague, Kiev, Athens, Belgrade and Vienna. I have opened profitable and untapped business lines in the early Asian FX markets, brokered financial futures in the largest exchanges worldwide, dealt emerging market equities in a number of emerging Eastern European markets in the 90's, marketed distressed bonds to repay Milosevic's stolen millions of currency, set up one of Eastern Euroeps first carbon brokerage desks, sought financing for an early Joint Implementation ERU fund, and negotiated EFET contracts that introduced an unknown natural gas producer that now trades with the biggest traders in Central Europe.

Currently I see opportunities in the Balkans with the growth of the Natural Gas supply and the desire for Renewable Energy source financing. European institutions have a great interest to foster these capacities and I wish to assist.

If you wish to open a dialogue about these markets or employ me as a consultant, please contact me at admin at